What is Apeer? A digital microscopy platform that enables researchers to create and customize their image processing workflows for their specific jobs.

There are many researchers from outstanding institutions and labs out there that we had a chance to speak to. While microscopy hardware is set up precisely to very unique research requirements, the same does not apply to software.

Most researchers use more than three different software offerings that are not connected to each other. 

The image Processing and data Analysis software is fragmented. The onus is on the user. With very complex workflows this means a considerate amount of time spent on making various software parts connect to eventually arrive at the information needed.

APEER packages any software into a module which can connect to any other module. 

APEER enables researchers to connect software modules arriving at a unique and customized workflow for their image processing tasks.


APEER ensures repeatability of experiments. 

This was the topic of Tom Feilden’s BBC Science News article on 22 Feb 2017. For microscopy, identical sample preparation, repeatable imaging conditions, and automated image processing pipelines are central elements for experiment repeatability. An average researcher uses 3 or more disconnected pieces of software in their image processing pipelines because no single software is designed for their specific research. This introduces manual processes that makes replicating experiments highly challenging.


The APEER Team

We are microscopists, software engineers, and scientists – all focused on addressing the challenges with image processing in microscopy. Together, we’ve created APEER. We believe that an open system that is freely accessible is the best approach to solving these challenges.

We believe that APEER will make positive contribution towards making experiments repeatable.

On this blog, you can expect to find anything from image processing tips to personal experiences of your peers. If you haven’t already done so, please join the APEER community by signing up at www.apeer.com. If you are a tweeter you can follow us here @Apeer_micro.


Open to all and free to use.